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Thanks for dropping by USS WESSEX.  Though we are primarily a Star Trek fan club, operating in STARFLEET International's Fourth Fleet, we embrace all fandom.  Browncoats, Harry Potter fans, Whovians, Sherlock fans and yes - even Star Wars fans - all are welcome.  There is a place for everyone on our ship!


We have member all over the world, so we don't have face-to-face meetings.  We meet online through Google Groups, Facebook, and Twitter for ship's business, role-playing, share fan fiction, and general socializing.  I invite you to come aboard and share the adventure with us.


Simply go to STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL, and when prompted to choose a Chapter, pick the USS WESSEX, R4 from the pull-down menu.  See you soon!


Ron Coleman

Commanding Officer, USS Wessex                          

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